Our Grand Opening

We are extremely proud of our new location and welcome everyone, especially the Springfield Gardens Community.  

Part of our mission is to provide safe and secure learning spaces for the residents of Springfield Gardens, Volunteers for Springfield Park.  On Saturday, August 12th, 2023, an official Opening Ceremony of the community's first “VFSP Center for Seniors, Youths and Adults”, with the participation of special guests of Queens County and the City Hall, close friends, family, local companies, and residents.

For the last 8 years, we have been the cornerstone in securing safe learning spaces for the residents of Springfield Gardens.  Our continued growth has been the result of meeting and continuing to exceed the needs of the residents of Springfield Gardens in a humanitarian approach that is focused on quality of life and community satisfaction.

This center offers a learning space for our Seniors, Youths, and Adults and is located at 156-15 146th Ave, Springfield Gardens, NY 11434 and features multi purposes, offering a computer lab for seniors, youth, and adult learning, an activity center, a spacious meeting room area and plenty of parking spaces.