About Us

The Volunteers for Springfield Park, Inc. are a committed group of unified and dedicated volunteer individuals working together to improve and maintain the condition of Springfield Park by partnering with businesses, schools and churches, and neighbors.


There are currently over 2,000 parks in New York City.  Parks provide a connection to the outdoors:  With 85% of recreation taking place in easily accessible areas like parks, these can be a great way to find our connection to the outdoors.  Through our connection with the outdoors, we become educated on how the pieces of the natural world all work together to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Even in an urban setting, we need the take care of the environment so we can continue to eat well, recreate in fun places, and enjoy the resources that make time spent with friends and family so great.  Through this connection to the outdoors, we can learn how to protect the environment.

Executive Officers

Veronica Beland, President

Fay D. Hill, Secretary/Program Director

Gennie Vann, Treasurer

Committee and Committee Chair


Chair: Veronica Beland


Chair: Fay D. Hill

Community Relations:

Chairs: Gennie Vann

Grant Writing

Fay D. Hill